We are a group of friends coming from all over Europe, united by our common engagement for India of more than twenty years. Each one of us has been there and we know the local situation based on our personal experiences. We would like to spread the word and encourage others to help.

We still see much hardship and inequality prevail in emerging India. The north is particularly affected by poverty, as the majority of people live in rural areas. Here they lack access to decent education and financial support. Despite this situation, only few international aid organisations focus there.

To provide support on a larger scale, we have decided to establish a non-profit organization. Many small contributions together can achieve a lot and make a big difference.

Coming from a prosperous society, we have witnessed how people are living below the poverty line. We saw they have no prospects for themselves or their children.
This led us to the name: “Give and Give”, as we always have enough to give.


It is important for us that the maximum donations from our operations reaches the needy. Therefore, all our staff members are donating their time and own money, working free of charge in this charitable association. They pay for their flights and travel expenses to India themselves and bear all administrative expenses.


Our main aim is to empower poor people. By providing them with their own indiviual skill set, they will gain the self-confidence and begin to rely on themselves. This is the most sustainable and long-lasting approach to combat poverty. Eventually, their own efforts will improve their situation.


To achieve our main goals we promote the following:

1) Educational projects, such as vocational training and establishment of village schools

2) Basic services in health, e.g. through free medical examinations and care as part of medical camps

3) Promotion of girls and women, among other things through seminars, vocational training, and courses

4) Individual support for people in personal distress such as in case of severe diseases, crop failures or help with household equipment.