This February, it was very cold in the Doaba region. So the Give and Give members who were in the area at that time were concerned about helping the poorest there. With only 2 degrees Celsius at night and damp, foggy weather during the day, they shiver in their huts made of clay and straw. The village children are poorly clothed, sometimes barefoot. We distributed blankets to such families. Our local partner charity, the BSK Welfare Society, had determinded in advance who needed support. larger families received several blankets.

We could visit Sandeep and Shamba Devi in the small house where they live with their sister-in-law and three children. Basically it is a big room with a canopy outside and a small temple made of clay they built in honour of goddess Durga. The family comes from Bihar, the father is a field labourer. They do not have running water, they have to fetch it at the public pump. Food is cooked at the open fire in front of the hut. At least they have two buffalos and some goats to supply them with milk.

They were very happy about the blankets. At night they can use them as a cover, during the day they wrap themselves in them like a in cloak on cold days.

We were almost ashamed that one can help so much with so little money, because a blanket costs only 4-5 € in India – an amount which everyone of us can easily spare.

We now consider how to help more in the next winter and are so happy about even the smallest donation!