Thanks to your donations, more sewing machines were distributed to widows in need in March. So the donation campaign of February 2019 has been successfully completed! Thanks to the great helpfulness of our donors, all 13 widows who were on the waiting list till then received a sewing machine.

Birgit Wagner, a natural health professional who works voluntarily for Give and Give, was able to personally hand over some of the machines during her trip to India in mid-March. Volunteers of our local partner organisation, the BSK Welfare Society, brought further machines to the widows living in distant villages.

The woman in the photo, who came to the handover accompanied by a relative, lost her leg. With her own sewing machine, she can now work in her village from home and earn a living.

We would like to take this opportunity to heartily thank all donors for their spontaneous readiness to contribute to this campaign!

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