Though the students are happy to go to their school as it is, we thought that the walls of the school in Daryapur require renovation. So some Give and Give-supporters on a visit to India organised paint and set off to work. Further classrooms are to follow.

Unfortunately, the roof still needs to be repaired because water has penetrated into walls and ceilings. In order to prevent puddles on the flat roof during the monsoon season, a slope must be concreted and drains be installed to the rear.

For this bigger repair we want to collect donations now. As you can see, every small contribution makes a big difference! A 10l bucket of waterproof paint costs e. g. approx. 34 €.

The repair of the whole roof will cost approximately 4.000 – 5.000 €. This is much more than this small school can afford. Please support it with your donation!