Due to the curfew to contain the coronavirus, chaotic conditions prevail throughout India, especially in the large cities. The rural area in Punjab where our projects are situated is not as badly affected, but especially the simple day labourers and their families suffer a lot. The factories are closed, the men have no income and the few supplies are used up. Moreover, nobody can go into town to shop.

So our partner organisation, which has been granted an exemption, distributes food packages to the needy. The packages each contain 5 kg of flour and 1.5 kg of pulses. These are the basic foods with which a family can keep itself afloat for about 1 – 2 weeks, worth about 7 Euros. In addition, vegetables, oil, salt and soap are given away as a gift. It is planned to continue the distribution to those who are not supported by other agencies until the crisis is over.

Some members of Give and Give are currently stuck in India themselves. They have the urgency of the situation right in front of their eyes, but now they have been able to help in a very concrete way.

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