At the last handover of sewing machines, there was a big rush, nearly ten times as many women registered demand! In most cases, they are widows who have little opportunity to support themselves and their families after the death of their husbands.

For example Jageer Kaur, 50 years old. She has four daughters and two sons and recently lost her husband. She was visibly marked by this. The sewing machine gives her some hope again.

Our local charity partner, the BSK Welfare Society, had previously intensified contact with 20 mayors in the Doaba region in order to widen the outreach. Often it is necessary to encourage the women to accept help, or they even had not heard about the opportunity to get a sewing machinge.

On the day of the handover, another 10 women registered spontaneosly. These were referred to the middle of March, because to avoid abuse, the neediness is checked first.

We would like to give a sewing machine to all women who still need help.

One machine costs about 30-40 €. Contribute with your donation to secure the living expenses of a family for the future!