The greatest problem in the world is poverty and lack of education, those two combined. It is important for us to ensure that education reaches everybody.

Nelson Mandela

Education is a path out of poverty for many children and their families. For those living in the poorest conditions it is very difficult to receive good education despite big efforts by the government. Many parents cannot even afford school uniforms and class materials, or children have to work to support their family.

Education is the key to give them a chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills, and improve their lives. Yet a government funded school in a village hardly teaches any of these skills compared to a private school. For example, minimal English is taught which does not help to meet today’s job requirements, or perform well in university. Consequently, whoever is born poor remains poor, regardless of their talents.

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Good education for kids from poor families

Give and Give supports a private school in a village called Daryapur, located in the northern state of Punjab. Currently it is free of charge for 109 needy children. The youngest are enthusiastically following the classes and learning English from the very beginning. Talented children receive a sponsorship at high school so they can gratuade and pursue further studies at university.

A simple farm labourer earns around 57€  a month. While having three children there is not sufficient money to send them all to school.

With just 24€ a month you make it possible for a child to attend school. It receives a school uniform and all necessary class materials. Even costs for excursions and other common activities will be covered with your donation.


Thanks to your donations, we have lately been able to buy a school bus for the children. Our next aims are to have the roof of the school repaired, to install further ceiling fans and to provide the school with three computers.

Please donate to help the children achieve a better future!