Here are current pictures of another food delivery to 40 families of poor workers who have been in need due to the curfew in order to contain the corona virus. The simple day labourers have lost their jobs due to the crisis and now have no more income. They live scattered in straw huts outside the city, where they normally earn their living as harvesters, construction or factory workers.

They urgently asked our project partners by telephone for help because they have nothing to eat. They immediately received flour, zucchini, as well as oil, salt and lentils, which are now scarce and hard to get.

In view of alarming forecasts, the curfew has been extended until May 31st, which will probably aggravate the situation of the rural population. More and more calls for help are being received.

We thank you very much for your great sympathy and the many donations received in response to our last appeal! As you can see, they reach the needy immediately and are really needed urgently. Our employees are still on the spot and keep up with every development.

We appreciate your support. It also helps a lot if you share the donation campaign with friends and acquaintances. In this way, a lot can be achieved even with small donations distributed among many people. Every Euro helps the affected people on site.

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