Current situation in the rural regions 

In India, poor people do not have any access to adaquate medical treatment. Paying for a doctor or a hospital stay is unaffordable for them. Basic medical care provided by the goverment is not enough or usually unavailable. For every 10,000 inhabitants there are only 6 doctors (in Germany there are 35 doctors).

Especially in rural areas, the public health care centres neither have enough medicine nor staff to cater to the needs of the poor. Even accessing these centres is often difficult due to bad infrastructure.  As a result, harmless infections, diarrhea and complications during pregnancy often lead to death.

Please support…

Medical aid right on-site 

For this purpose Give and Give supports the BSK-Welfare Society in Rahon. They are active in the region of Doaba, where the number of people from underprivileged casts is very high with over 35%. There are 85 villages in a radius of 60 km² around Doaba which urgently require medical aid.

 Mobile medical clinic

Since May 2012 the local charity is running a mobile medical clinic. Up to twice a week they offer free medical check ups to the needy in villages. This way the patients can consult a doctor immediately, whereas they usually have no access to any sort of medical aid.

Flexible and robust

Mobile medical clinics are special vehicles which aid to deliver a flexible way of medical care into the most remote areas. They have an inbuilt generator and water tank and are very robust, which is a vital quality considering the poor infrastructre especially in the rural areas.

The mobile medical clinic is equipped with modern medical appliances, a small pharmacy and lab. The setup caters to the following tasks: general medical treatment, surgical care of wounds, dental and ophthalmological treatment and also gynaecological treatment.

Medical Camps and free eye surgeries 

Via socalled Free Medical Camps which last for several days needy people in different regions of North India get the chance to a free check up and treatment. General practitioners and also specialists are committed and present at the Medical Camps. One particular focus lies on eye surgeries. Cataract which is a clouding of the eye is occurs frequently in India even in young children due to malnourishment. Without surgery it can lead to blindness.