Some Give and Give members were back in India at their own expense and could testify that your donations are well spent. Here they describe what they learned about the fate of some people who received help:

“Satiya Devi lives alone with her mentally handicapped girl. Her daughter-in-law doesn’t take care of her, as it would be usual in India. Satiya can only move her hands with difficulty, let alone walk and stand. She was therefore very grateful for the special needs tricycle she received.”

“The widow Raj from Bohara in District Nawanshahr has four children. When asked what happened to her husband, she burst into tears and reported that her husband unexpectedly died of heart failure. We did our best to comfort her. She received a sewing machine to improve her maintenance.”

“Another widow named Sampo from Rahon has two children, a girl and a son, who go to 8th and 10th grade. She used to go from house to house, offering to do sewing work there. From Give and Give she got her own sewing machine and can now work from home, and one day she may open a small shop.”

Eight more women were handed over to sewing machines on this day. A sewing machine costs only 40 € and changes so much for the affected people! Thank you so much for your support!